Take time to live: it is the secret of Success.

Take time to think: it is the source of Power.

Take time to play: it is the secret of Youth.

Take time to read: it is the foundation of Knowledge.

Take time for friendship: it is the source of  Happiness.

Take time to dream: it hitches the soul to the Stars.

Take time for laugh: it helps to lift life’s Worries.

Take time for God: it is life’s only lasting Investment.

Take time to meditate – it is the lifting of your Heart.

Take time to pray – it is the union of your mind with God.

Take time to love – it is the privilege of the good.

Take time to work – it is the price of success.

Time is:

Too slow for those who wait.

Too swift for those who fear.

Too long for those who grieve.

Too short for those who rejoice.

But for those who love time is Eternity.

All are architects of Fate,

Working in these walls of Time;

For the structure that we raise,

Time is with materials filled;

Our todays and yesterdays

Are the blocks with which we build.

Build today, then, strong and sure,

With a firm and ample base;

And ascending and secure

Shall tomorrow find its place.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Poet [1807-1882]