Motivation & Self-help

We are usually very confident in our level of self-discipline when we’re in our comfort zone where everything is going well and running smoothly; however, many come to realize that their self-discipline—if available at all—vanishes when they get into certain situations, especially those that are engulfed by struggles.

Struggles and hardships are a part of life, but they aren’t often fun to deal with. And while it is not necessary for us to run or get into situations that test our self-discipline or resolve to the limits, struggles and hardships can be valuable because they present an opportunity for personal growth, especially in areas of life where we really need to grow up, become successful, or stand out.

Most of us are not aware that we can strengthen our ability to handle even harder challenges or worse circumstances in the future if we man up and demonstrate courage or toughness when faced with difficult or challenging situations in the present, instead of backing down.

Struggles, hardships, trials and tribulations, and challenges of all sorts are like training. You may not enjoy them, but keep this thought in mind: every struggle that tests your self-discipline will eventually pay off and more than compensate for any stress or suffering you’re going through at the moment.

We discover how strong our self-discipline is when we struggle, and not when everything is going well

Our self-discipline shows what manner of man it is when we come up against situations we need to overcome in order to move up higher on the ladder of life; it shows us the stuff it is made of when we need to deny tempting treats that freely or easily come to us or cross our path.

For sure, your self-discipline is really firm and strong when:

  • you continue to work hard, even when the last thing you’d like to do is work
  • you keep on writing heavily, even when the last thing you’d like to do is writing
  • you are persistent in keeping away from candy or high-calorie snacks, even when the last thing you’d like to do is avoid them
  • you still wake up early in the morning to run your dream business, even when it is obvious that your business is going nowhere
  • you keep away from your neighbor’s beautiful wife, even when she’s enticing you and you’d like to have her right away
  • you continue going to the gym and working out, even when  that’s the last thing you’d like to do
  • you remain faithful to your dream job and stay in it, even  when you have lost all motivation to continue
  • etc. 

As you can see, your self-discipline is best tested in a myriad of ways during struggles, challenges, and whatnot. But one thing will always remain certain: your self-discipline is actually self-discipline, not when things are going so well, but when you are up against situations that can drop you down to Earth if you don’t impose your self-discipline to elevate yourself to higher levels of life.